Integrate Joplin notes with other markdown Artifacts


Beside other things, I use Joplin to draft and groom bigger issues, wiki-pages and readmes on Github.
I start to shape them as Joplin Notes and when they are ready, I copy&paste them to the target and delete the original note. From there I edit it outside of Joplin.

I was wondering, if there is already a solution in this direction enabling me to edit those artifacts in Joplin also after this transition and maybe do the transition from Joplin Note to target artifact with the click on a button. Maybe as an external App utilizing the API.

While I really like that I can have my Notes on my Nextcloud instance, I would love to have a kind of bridge to those systems. I am aware that this is a very explorative Question and not really actionable, but maybe someone has similar demands. :wink:


I'm interested in doing something similar. I want to use Joplin as a handy tool to edit Markdown files and store them all in a single point, so that I can feed Jekyll at a later stage for producing content for my blog.

Does Joplin offer APIs? :slight_smile:

Yes, you can take a look at the Joplin Data API, which allows access to local Joplin notes via HTTP.
Reference: Joplin Data API | Joplin

You might be interested in mark-magic, I use it to convert some Joplin notes to the Hexo system and publish them as a blog.

Joplin provide API that allows you to interact with your notes. You have to create script to take the advantages of API to perform task like fetching data, improve content and syncing changes.