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Slider on mobile is almost unusable

The slider to set the note history timeframe on mobile is unusable.

e.g. It is not possible to set it to 30 days. Sometimes it stops at 27, then 32, then 28. I tried on an Android device for like 3 minutes and wasn’t able to set it to 30 days.

I really think we should use a better control element. Or fix the way it currently behaves. Any ideas how this can be solved/fixed?

@laurent the slider for setting the note history duration is unsuable on a phone. I’ve tried to set it, but it never stops at the number I want.

It works on a tablet/iPad, but it’s impossible to use on a phone. Any idea how we could improve this? If nothing else works, maybe we could replace the slider with a field to enter the number or if this is not possible, maybe reduce the max number from 365 to 180. Or use one slider for the order of 10 and another one for digits 1-9. But it’s unsuable on a phone right now.

Now it simply uses the existing slider control. It can definitely be improved but a new control would have to be created, and not sure which one at this point.

The slider works great for smaller numbers and more screen space, but a number of 730 on a slider which is about 12mm long is somehow impossible to use.
I’m not saying we have to change it right away, because nobody really mentioned this problem anywhere, so maybe people just leave it at the default or don’t care that they can pick a precise number.
But we should think about a better input form for this special occasion.

Could we allow for the note history to be arbitrarily long in the mobile version? The docs say that the /shortest/ history across all devices is the one used, so although my desktop and tablet history setting is set to '99999', since mobile can't go past 730 days, then I'm forced to lose my history after only 2 years :[

I'd like to eventually visualize my note history across years---many years---so the current mobile limitation is a major blocker.