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Why is the sidebar so large in the iOS version of Joplin on an iPad 12.9 (Joplin 12.7.1)? Width doesn't seem to be adjustable? Here's what it looks like in portrait and landscape orientations:

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I think Joplin only really works for mobiles so far, a dedicated tablet layout is part of the GSoC set of ideas.

That would be great! In the meantime, having a way to adjust the width of the sidebar (or adapt it to content) may be simple to add? Most apps are not really made for such a large screen tablet anyway

There isn't any way in-app that I know of and just doing a quick cludge before a proper tablet specific UI overhaul probably isn't the greatest way to go about it seeing as it will likely need some new background code to work off the screen ratios/sizes/resolutions etc.. Functionality wise it is just the exact same as mobile so it isn't like there is a regression between the two.

OK so it will stay ridiculous while I wait for the hypothetical big overhaul :man_shrugging:t2:

Probably, unless somebody can come up with a well thought out PR that isn't just some kind of hack. I just don't think it is of a particularly high priority as it isn't actively hindering the existing functionality vs the phone layout but that's just my opinion, Laurent calls the shots so he may feel differently but this isn't something that has come up much so far on the forums that I can tell.

I did make reference to this in my topic about mobile app improvements - Mobile app functionality improvements about how ideally there should be a dedicated tablet/hybrid mode that can really take advantage of the extra screen real estate.

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There is an project proposal to have a proper tablet layout. Hopefully we find a suitable candidate to take it on this summer.

It's essentially a hobby project. Features will be added if and when there are people willing to tackle that functionality.

Like with any other FOSS project I would suggest just assuming it will remain the way it is now, and treating any feature update as a nice but in no way guaranteed thing.

Just to add my support for this proposal since it hasn't come up in the forums a lot. I think the proposed new UI would be a huge step forward on my iPad, both aesthetically and in terms of improved functionality - although I have now got used to the current arrangement and it bothers me a lot less than it did at first!

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Glad to see this brought up. I thought the iPad layout was just a bug. I do think it's a barrier to Joplin as an Evernote replacement. Hope someone can improve it.

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