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I've just discovered Joplin and I'm writing it up for my podcast & blog. It's delightful and simply gorgeous and works perfectly.

On macOS, I get a two-pane window that shows me my markup and the rendered version. This also allows a relatively narrow width which is lovely for reading long-form content I'm writing.

However, on iPadOS, where the screen is very wide on my iPad Pro, I don't get the split-screen with markup and rendered side by side, I have to go back and forth to view the rendered view. I could probably get used to it (and really should be focussed on my writing anyway) but the giant width of the writing area makes it very hard to read my long-form content.

I'm curious if, since iPadOS renders web pages as though it were a desktop, there could be an option to view as the desktop version with Joplin?

I could still see its usefulness for writing notes and syncing them across devices but it would relegate the app below some others I have that do give me a narrower viewport when composing.

In any case, thanks for a terrific app,

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As far as I understand, the iPad app uses a different codebase (at least for the interface) that is the same as the iPhone codebase, but there isn't an easy way to bring things over from the desktop app.

In order to get 2 column support, a developer will need to work to build different layouts specifically for iPad. From what I've seen, the desktop app gets more time spent than mobile, but since it is open source that could change with a new person becoming interested in jumping in.

All that to say, this is not likely to change quickly, but I think it would be a great idea! My workaround has been to use the app in portrait mode on my iPad.

Thanks @uxamanda, I figured as much but a girl's gotta ask, right?

I would go with portrait mode, but I do all of my writing with the Magic Keyboard which won't attach in portrait mode. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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The previous mobile (and tablet) beta editor had a preview too, so perhaps that could be enabled again when running on a tablet.

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