Sidebar should display note folder of search results

During search I have not discovered a way to see the location of the search results in the sidebar.
It would be helpful if the folder containing the note containing the search was highlighted or the sidebar changed in some way to show the location of the note.
Am I missing something?

I believe so:

I think the op wants the name of the folder near the result line, without having to click note one by one to spot the folder

I'm glad one can navigate to the folder where the note result is.

However I have not found this functionality! This thing is totally unnoticable and IMHO bad UI. This item is inside a toolbar among a bunch of actionable (but stateless) buttons.

My expectation as a user: I would like to have the notebook to be highlighted, when I select a result item.

Or, if you say it is inconsistent, I'd like to change the UI to something like this:


(well, I don't want that ugly left arrows :wink:)

But that way it is more prominent that something is different.

Yet another UI concern. The current search result looked like this:

I knew before, that I have two results, but here I thought there is just one result!
So my advice is to move the indicators to the right (the one, which indicates external editing), like this:


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