Share Your Thoughts: Joplin Theme Builder

Hey there :wave:,

I have just started implementing CSS based theme builder. Below I have shared a short video of current implementation. I haven't styled it very well yet :sweat_smile:.

GitHub Repo: GitHub - mak2002/Joplin-Theme-Builder

Possible features:

  1. Sharable themes: This won't be pure CSS but rather something non-coders can understand as pointed out in previous discussions regarding this topic. For e.g. sidebar: #34c3eb
  2. Hide elements with a click – like that "All Notes" button!
  3. Ability to create and load multiple custom themes with no CSS tinkering.

Current Implementation:

We first take the input from plugin's web view and store it in an object, currently we only have 'colour'. Then we convert this object to CSS string and load it from the plugin.

I am eagerly awaiting your suggestions for this project and if you've got a fresh take or a unique feature in mind, free to share!



I have nothing to contribute except that I think what you're working on is very cool!


Thank you so much!