Share your TEMPLATES

Let us share our self-created templates, to make it easier for all of us :slight_smile:

I created a template for tracking diet information.
diet_nl is Dutch
diet_us is English (371 Bytes) (377 Bytes)


I just created a simple journaling note template.

Date is title

  • To do today
  • Completed today
  • Notes

simple_journal_us is English (266 Bytes)


Here is a handy meeting template I created for easy note-taking during meetings.

Meeting Details
Status of Old Action Items
Next Meeting

meeting_us is English (349 Bytes)

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And for students, an easy lecture Template.
Work smarter, not harder!

Lecture Topics
Lecture Preparation
Important Points
Lecture Topic
To study

lecture_us is English (412 Bytes)


A simple task list, ready to be checked :wink:


simple_task_list_us is English (269 Bytes)

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I want to start doing something like this. Tried your template, but the date is not filling in the Title field, it's just on the first line of the note... Do I need to do something special to make it work?

An easy daily calendar, structure your day :slight_smile:

Key Appointments
Reflection on the day
Actions to be plotted
To be proud of

simple_daily_calendar_us is English (472 Bytes)

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Hi @dfwdraco76 which one is not working for you?

Sorry, I replied to the journal one, didn't realize the forum wasn't more specific about the reply.

Here's how it shows for me -- the title field is blank

Have you tried to fill in one of the journal items? After filling in please select a different note in Joplin. Please let me know what happens? Regards, Winko

I created a test note, exported to markdown, and see that there's no special identifier for the title/subject - it's just the first line.


So I'm not sure why it's not bringing it in that way when I use the template

UPDATE: As soon as I start typing in the note, the date pops up into the title field. Sorry to bother you!

No harm was done :smiley: I guess that is the way Joplin works... I hope you enjoy the template(s)!!! Regards, Winko

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Quickly inject a two, three, or four column table.

Ctrl + Alt + i to paste a template into the body of a note at the cursor position.

Table - 2 (177 Bytes) Table - 3 (211 Bytes) Table - 4 (199 Bytes)


Good to know while handling templates within Joplin. :thinking: I write my templates in a plain text editor. :thinking:

I made some more templates and I have found a different way of sharing them with the world. You can find them here:

So have fun and enjoy yourself!




Well done.

After adding a new template to Joplin (made easy by menu item Help/Open Profile Directory), you can avoid a restart of Joplin by activating the menu item File/Templates/Refresh Templates

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you!!!

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