Share notebooks without mailer

Joplin Server Version: 2.11.1
Joplin Version 12.11.5
Joplin Server running in k8s on FCOS
Clients on fedora, Ubuntu, android, and iOS

What happens:
I’m unable to share notebooks without a valid smtp server or valid emails.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Looking at server logs in the joplin-server container
  2. Checking the Admin email page on the joplin-server to see sent emails.
  3. Login in as myself or the user I’m sharing with onto the joplin-server and cruising the UI searching for a link or place I can read the email.

What I expect to happen:
There is a way to discover the share link used to accept shared notebooks without a working mailer. It would be great to have the app pop up a message with a request to accept the shared notebook. However, I’d be really happy to just be able to see the email I sent as a normal user from either the sender or recipient’s account. If that can’t be done a log or DB query would suffice.

Hopefully I just missed something obvious and there is already a way to do this.


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