Set up a local server for plugins using external ressources

I just realized that the plantUML plugin sends my data to the web for processing. I guess I should install a local web-service on my computer or a hosted service to avoid leaking sensitive data, but it would have been nice to have a howto on how to set up such services to make sure that I can have a secure connection to the rendering engine. The connection to is marked as not secure if I copy the image link address from Joplin and paste it into a new tab in my browser.

I saw that the extension called the site via 'http' when you can visit the site itself under the 'https' protocol. Could this be fixed?

I also don't like it when unwanted connections release my personal data without my approval.

I don't think there is a generic answer to your question. For PLantUML here's the server that you can run locally: GitHub - plantuml/plantuml-server: PlantUML Online Server

Not sure if the plugin allows changing the server URL though.

I was thinking more of a correction by the author himself. I am not familiar enough with the code nor with English to suggest this change on GitHub.

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