See To-Dos of subnotebooks in parent notebook

As this is my first post, please let me thank you for this amazing app and for all the effort you put in it. It’s great to see, that it evolves and there are a lot of features already, that make it ready for every-day-use.

Besides all features I like, I would like to see my to-dos from a subnotebook appear in the parent notebook. Maybe simply all of the notes from the subnotebook.

Given that there is a parent notebook like ‘projects’ and a subnotebook like ‘rebranding’:

  • rebranding
    and I have some notes/to-dos in ‘rebranding’. Currently only notes/to-dos of ‘projects’ appear, when I select ‘projects’ and only notes/to-dos of ‘rebranding’ appear, when I select ‘rebranding’. It would be great to see to-dos or even all notes from ‘rebranding’, if I select ‘projects’. At the moment I create an additional note/to-do in parent notebook and put a link to the note/to-do in the subnotebook. It’s not very efficient.

Kepp up the fantastic work!

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this could be covered by this request

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Thanks @foxmask for the hint. :+1:

It covers the part with the to-dos. But this request misses the part of showing all notes/to-dos of a notebook, including all subnotebooks. Am I right?

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yes, do not hesitate to add a comment on the request for this part :slight_smile:

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I’d like to revive this feature request, as I want it implemented and #3206 indicates others do as well.

I have a PR incoming but would happily have further discussion here if necessary.

Thanks for the amazing software! I hope I can contribute in a helpful way. I am open to creating a new forum post if this one is too stale.

Pull Request #3678