Security of Joplin iOS irt iCloud Backups

What is the security around default iCloud App backups? As far as I understand, the data/keys are stored in plaintext in a sqlite database (Core Data on iOS?). I believe this is backed up by default on iOS devices via iCloud. I do see Joplin is tracked as an application to backup, although I have no idea what data is being backed up, the file size suggests this is the case. This would means that all of my data is stored unecrypted on iCloud.

Do you know if my sqlite database is being synced to Apple’s servers via iCloud Backups? I wasn’t able to figure this out (iCloud backups are suprisingly opaque…). I also wasn’t able to find a definitive answer in the code or via Apple’s developer docs either.

Sorry if this is obvious/answered somewhere else/documented and I missed it. Thank you for the great software!

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