Searching inside Joplin with the system-wide Recoll app!

At least, a post where I don't call desperately for help -for a change :wink:
This is just to say, without any change in your Joplin configuration, no plugin, nothing else; if you are using the nifty Recoll application to search everything possible on your computer, its latest version (1.37+) now will also retrieve anything stored within your Joplin notes!, even previewing a (simple text) version in one click, without launching Joplin...
Recoll works on all systems, is open source, and can be found there.
To my knowledge it really can reach inside anything, including picture EXIF keywords or docs attached to emails themselves archived within zips...


Hi @Herve5
Thank you for providing this valuable alternative for using Recoll with Joplin notes. Unfortunately, it does require some configuration, which might not be straightforward, at least for me,
but it seems worthwhile to implement in order to search for anything within or outside of Joplin.

Thanks again for these tips for all Joplin users.

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That's very interesting, thanks for sharing. I think I'll it a try to search in Thunderbird emails (since Thunderbird's own search engine is quite terrible) and will test Joplin search at the same time.

Indeed I can testify Recoll does find emails (or files or images within them) almost instantly in my Thunderbird setup which hosts a dozen 10-years-old POP accounts plus a couple of IMAPs...
It seems a fresh installation of Recoll should have all Joplin's connections ready; on my side having just updated it I had to manually create the three files described by Eduardo above -but then after a delta-indexing it worked...

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Hi, @Herve5

Thanks your note and advise, I've been start using this app because this app can search my entire laptop, including all email in Thunderbird, and Joplin notes at the same time, efficiently.
But, after Joplin included a new OCR feature for note attachments, these particular documents were left outside of this type of search.

I spoke with the Recoll developer, and he sent an update to take into account these attached images and PDF documents as well.
Just in case you're interested in updating your Recoll configuration, I'll share the Python script for after updating it config, Recoll can index these documents too.
I've tested it and it works very well. (10.7 KB)