Search bug in Chinese note

Version: 2.4.9 win32
In a mixed Chinese and English note, if there is no space between English words and Chinese characters, the search for English words has no result.
If there is a space between English words and Chinese characters, you can use English words to search the results.


No results using ’TV‘ search
You can search by using ’computer‘

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@wanghm365 Thank you for reporting this problem. I didn't realize this problem before. Then I looked at the help documentation and realize it's not a bug. You can try searching for "TV" by typing / TV in this case, but it seems will return all search results that contain "*TV*". Also note that when using this search method, no matter how many matching results there are in a note, only the first one is highlighted.
You can read the help documentation for more infomation. If you have a better way, please let me know.
May be it's better to insert a space between Chinese and English in the notes. This allows you to search " TV " to get results that contain only "TV", without "ATV" or "TVB". :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suggest adding a space between Chinese and English, refer to:

Studies have shown that people who do not like to add spaces between Chinese and Chinese when typing, have a very hard emotional journey. 70% of them will marry someone they don’t love at the age of 34. And the remaining 30% of the people can only put the cats they own in the end.

The browser even has a special plug-in that supports automatically inserting spaces between all Chinese and English in the web page


Thank you for your reminder. I've seen this plugin before, but didn't think it was useful at the time. Now I realize that.

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