Chinese search for multiple keywords does not work as expected

Search for notes containing "地球" and "月球". In the search results, those that do not meet the search criteria (without "月球") are ranked first, and those that meet the search criteria are ranked last.

Hope to solve the problem:
Don’t show in the search results those that do not meet the search criteria.


When Chinese users search for multiple words, there are too many results that do not meet the search criteria. Please help. Thank you

What does the first note in the results contain? Maybe it has the word "月球" more times, which is why it shows up first? @naviji, as I understand the sorting algorithm should work with any language, right?

The note has only the title and no body. Only the last one matches the search criteria, the others should not be in the search results.

The search you performed is for "地球" OR "月球". To search for only notes with both words you need to use quotation marks "地球 月球".

That said I think the sort order could probably be better. But the matches are all correct.

According to the search rules: search terms are and relationship, not or relationship.

I've been corrected. Thanks for referring to the search docs @s4j4 I'll leave this conversation to the experts :slight_smile:

It's a bug related to basic search, not the sorting algorithm. We're only considering the first term("地球") when doing the search.

Here's the PR with the fix:

Thanks to the work of the development team, iOS released a fix for Chinese basic search, and the feedback of the test situation is as follows:

The notes used for the test have only the subject and no text.
The two themes used for the test notes are "地球 月球 火星" and "地球 火星 月球".

Search for "地球" and both notes can be searched.
Searching for "地球 月球" should result in two notes, but only one is found. Please help fix this problem.
@laurent @naviji

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