Discussing GSoC 2024 project: Seamless desktop application updates

Hi, I'm Duy Huynh, I've introduced my self in GSoC topics.
I'm interested in Seemless desktop updates project with electron-updater. I've tried implement auto update in an older version (2.14.15) and it works, but have a few questions.


  1. electron-updater, needs to be run in main process, but checkForUpdates() is run in renderer process, so I have to make an IPC call from renderer to main process, to apply the update. I think it would make more sense if checkForUpdates() is run in main process.
  2. In joplin, Is there a way to log to Chromium console from main process? console.log prints to terminal, and joplin's logger module not work in main process? I need something like electron-log to read logs when running in executables.
  3. I don't understand the update conflicts, is this a user's syncing files conflict or Joplin versions conflicts? Can you give me a conflict example?

I tend to ask lots of questions, I searched Joplin docs, and codebase but couldn't find the answers, hope these aren't very obvious answers.
I'd appreciate a lot if someone can guide me through this. Thank you.

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Hi, this is the demo. I know Linux shouldn't support auto update, but this is just for testing and it works.


I don't know if this is the right thread to discuss this, should I post this in Features?