Scroll editor to percent - feature request

There is scrollToHash command available to plugins. (joplin.commands.execute("scrollToHash", "hash"))

I'm thinking about a plugin that would scroll to any part of body
without having to rely on headers and their hashes.

There is internal command for scrolling to percent
but it seems that its not exposed to plugins.

Can this method be exposed to plugins api?
(Along side with getScrollPercent, i think it would be
required for this scenario)

I would second this request.

I have previously asked for this command to be exposed to the plugin environment for a plugin of mine.

Unfortunately the scrollToHash command does not work in my case.

I don't know how this call works, but being able to scroll to a line number or even a position in pixels would be acceptable as long as we can calculate the position of a line based on font size.

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