Saying goodbye to Python2

To build Joplin from source, you still need Python2.
It is time to say goodbye to it.


A module that Joplin uses requires Python2, not Joplin itself.

This request has to be made to the module devs.


How about stopping using that module?

A bit aggressive, huh?

Sorry to go like that but imagine I show up to your door, point my finger at the combustion engine of your car and ask "how about you stop using it?", what would you say?

At very least, in that situation we both understand that it's not that simple. So this suggestion of mine looks kinda snappy and unsolicited, not nice either way.

Let's step back to the expressing the request to the module developers. If that option is exhausted, we can see what this module does and how it's possible to depreciate it in the future without creating cascades of bugs.

In any case, thanks for the suggestion, you made your wishes known.