Right-click to assign a note to a notebook

Hello all,

How about adding a new option to assign a notebook for a note or multiple notes with a right-click?

Currently, the right-click leads to a popup menu which already contains “Add or remove tags”. New option “Move to a notebook” would be very useful.

The problem with a current way to assign a notebook is that it can be only done by drag-n-drop. This is undesirable in some cases, such as when having too many notebooks as it becomes very tiring to scroll through the list of notebooks and then drag-n-drop the notes.

This feature request on GitHub: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/2296


This is a great idea. Something like a popup with a live search field comes to mind. Maybe we could add this as a GSOC idea.

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This would be very useful! Thanks for creating this issue.