RFE: change the date back upon undo

Scenario: I muck with a note. Then I undo my change(s). Currently, the date of modification is set to the time of change. But the undo undid the change. I would expect the date to go back to what it once was.

Thanks. -t

A related tangent:

Is there a way to override a date? One thing I really dislike is the date updating if I change the note title (the one that appears in the note hierarchy). I can understand the argument for having the date change, but … I tweak titles all the time and would prefer their timestamps not to change in the process. Not critical, but it is a minor annoyance for me.

The creation date won't change when you change the note. As for restoring the updated time after undo, we probably won't implement this as there's a risk for things not being synced if we do, and it doesn't seem like an essential feature

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Seems fair. Thanks for the response.

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