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Request: Selective Syncing of Notes

Well, I know (searched the forum beforehand…) there are some or should I say strong reservations against the implementation of a marker that would allow for a selective synchronization of notes. However, I find this a key feature for a note application.

Encryption, Synchronization everything works wonderful and is much appreciated, but I shy at the implementation of Joplin on my smartphone when I consider the ever growing number of notebooks and notes in my Joplin. Many of them are only interesting for work at wider screens and specific work situations and not intended for small screens. Programming in SQL is not really a practical solution for many users, esp. as the number of non-programmers will increase with more and more popularity of Joplin.

As a starter I suggest a very simple solution, a marker on every note or alternatively only notebook that by default is ticked but can be changed. If a user chooses to drop a note(book) from synchronization a warning message appears.

I understand that more selective synchronization (related to individual devices, the ability to read only, etc.) is way too complicated to implement at the moment. But it also would not be essential as users can menage that by themselves through on or off switching of syncing for particular notes. Thats my argument against too complex programming.

Thanks for the great work and have a nice day - Renee



@laurent would you accept a pull request for this? I think it should be fairly simple and will make a good first issue. We would have to make sure that any notebook/note that was not marked for syncing would have a clear indication that it won’t sync (maybe grayed out with an icon plus hover text)

I’m not so keen on selective syncing as it adds a lot of complexity for everyone, just to support a very specific case. The worst that can happen if we don’t support this, is that notes not suitable for mobile are synced anyway, which I find acceptable. I probably also have such notes and can live with it.


@laurent, well again, I could anticipate your answer but I do not agree. Joplin still currently becomes more and more complex. May be in areas where you feel more comfortable because you are a programmer and have your special view as a founder of this project. That is quite understandable. However, as the community grows other users have other needs and are willing to take the responsibility for their errors when dealing with simple functions offered by the program. At least I am. Why not giving this simple “marker” option with a switch in the Options menu. So everybody who wants it, knows what (s)he is doing. Your view probably has to do with the intended usage of Joplin. I tend to use it for long drafts of texts as well as many short notes and it is growing. If you only like to use it for some short notes then why all of this formatting stuff with style sheets. This too is quite complex and only necessary when dealing with complicated stuff. Lets see what happens. I assume, we will come back to this sooner or later… Thanks for your answer anyway.

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I agree fully with @renee I would not want long texts, rich media and web clippings synced to my phone, so I don’t currently use Joplin for anything more than short notes.

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I came here because I have run out of storage on my mobile devices. I use Joplin for a lot of things, and use it on my desktops with a lot of storage space that I don't have on my mobile devices. There's some notebooks I want on my desktop that will never be needed on my mobile devices.

Shouldn't be too hard to select which notebooks you want sync'd.