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Hello everyone,

In the BibTex Plugin, who is supposed to provide the DOI of the source? Will this come as a field of the source's BibTex Reference present in the Bib file imported by the user or it is the job of the developer to find this from somewhere?

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Let's assume - at least for the first iteration - that the DOI will be provided. And if it's not available there's no need in it at all.

Okay thanks , I think it will be required for each citation key. :sweat_smile: to make it a actionable .According to the format listed here -

One another thing is there a way to watch for the changes in the files caused by some external application that is already imported using joplin plugin because in importing we copy the file in the resource directory.So any future changes will not be reflected in that copied file.

What should be format for BibTeX file that we can enter in format field of import module of jolin.interop ?

Admittedly, it's been a while since I last used BibTeX but from a quick glance at the docs it does not seem like the DOI is mandatory. E.g. that page has this example:

Maybe you don't need to import the file to Joplin resources at all? In any case, there is a way to watch a file for changes, for instance it's used for files opened with an external editor.

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Yes @roman_r_m , I also think so that there is no need for DOI. Citation key is enough to represent a source in the markdown and then using it we can cite the source in any desired format in the final formatted view. As such user only need final pdf with all citation done. There is also another problem with DOI like for books as a source there is ISBN-A derived from ISBN and it not sure it will be available for all books.

So as in the BibTex plugin, we have to work with the local bib file rather than importing it will be good to just read the file , in this way no need to watch for files(kind of like passing by reference).Is this approach is good.

Why not just watch a local file without importing?

It will be great, how we can do this with plugin API? I don't know about this stuff?

It has nothing to do with the plugin API, something like should be enough.

Thanks @roman_r_m :slightly_smiling_face: .