Questions regarding a plugin monitor

The plugin inspector is a proposed monitor for plugin processes in Joplin, included in the official ideas list of GSoC 2024.

While going through some of the old plugin related posts in this forum, I came across this reply that highlights the need of information on memory usage of plugins. Apart from memory usage, (and others mentioned in the GSoC idea) what other things do you think should be included in the plugin inspector section?

What I am looking for:

  1. What are the pieces of information you seek while using plugins in Joplin, that aren't readily available right now?
  2. Do you use any tool currently to visualise your processes and their resource usage? If yes, then can similar things work for visualising Joplin plugin processes?
  3. How often do you experience a drop in performance while using Joplin plugins? (serious enough for potential alert dialogs)
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Get notified if a plugin is slowing down the app.


Thanks, that is definitely in the books

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