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Query related to Real-time Collaboration on Notes

Hello Everyone,

We are a team of three, Atharv Chavan(me), @pratikdaigavane, @pnshiralkar.

We have previously built a Real-time Code Collaboration Platform (called Execute-IT).
The project we built aligns with one of the listed Gsoc Task ‘Real-time collaboration on notes’.
We are highly interested to work on it.

Here are some details regarding our previous work:-

We wanted to ask, can all three of us work on the project ?

We also wanted to know which Real-time Collaboration approach (OT or CRDT) we need to use in the ‘Real-time Collaboration on Notes’ so that it can help in our GSOC proposal.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Here are some additional details about Execute-IT :

  • We use Operational Transformation for Real-time collaboration.
  • All the rooms have a Linux terminal provided from a docker container which is unique for each room.
  • All rooms also have a peer-peer Voice and Text Chat feature.

Hope to hear from you soon.

@laurent @PackElend


Can a group submit a proposal together to work on a single project?
No, only an individual may work on a given project.

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