Q&A Template structure

I sometimes have to give job interviews. I'd like to create a template for this. How would all you structure your template?

My current way is questions are bullets, and the answers are sub-bullets. It "works" but i find it kinda sloppy. Ideas?

I wrote out a couple of ideas, of these I've used 1, 2, and 4 in various circumstances. I use 1 the most, and 2/4 about the same.


Well, it depends how you use this template.

Do you have a strict order of questions (numbered list) or you prefer to keep the flow of interview with a matching question chosen on the spot (checkbox)?

Do you write down the responses of the candidate (table)?

Do you mark how good the response was?
Do you have quality metrics for the response?

Do you print the template?

Do you ask off script questions? Do you document those?

Do you use the template to clarify previously submitted information? If so, what are the sources? How do you input the information into template?

Do you share the template with others? If so, what's needed to automate the process (of sharing)?

Do you submit the template to a corporate system? It probably has a reference notation system.

Etc etc

So, the main point is, the template is the extension of interviewer and their environment. Hence, the template probably going to reflect that and be pretty unique in every case.


These are great options! Thank you.

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The template is just for my own use, no sharing... no printing.. etc.

I do follow an order but also add adhoc as the conversation drives it. So i might slip in a question/response between questions as I go.

I just like the ability to reuse my questions between interviews -- This also makes it fair between candidates. I just didnt like my bullet system and looked sloppy.

Not for interviewing specifically, but I use the template plugin with questions to capture structured info - in your case, maybe name, role, link to resume, etc. Then I have booleans that ask whether i want to include a certain list depending on the context. Here's a link to a redacted template Template Plugin - #124 by uxamanda I could imagine using this to choose which "questions blocks" i wanted to include depending on who i was interviewing.

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