Proposal to promote Joplin Cloud server location in Paris (EU!)

I learned today, that Joplin Cloud stores the data and systems in the EU, which is a plus in privacy that makes a difference in my eyes. As data security is constantly a well used argument in favour of Joplin, I wonder, if it would make a nice additional info on Joplin Cloud Plans | Joplin to inform people who are interested in Joplin Cloud.
Just an idea, as I experience data privacy for Europeans (EU) is an issue in private and even more in professional circumstances as soon as data is stored outside EU.
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I'm thinking the same. In the past I tried Joplin with a combination of Webdav and my Nextcloud. But the speed was slow.

As in my thread mentioned, I was willing to give the Joplin Cloud a try, but under the circumstances of hosting the server in Europe.

Other Note Apps only were storing the data in the US, too. So that I had no interesst joining them.

After I got the informations above of storing the data in France, i booked a Joplin Cloud Plan yesterday and by comparison with Webdav, the speed of the Joplin Cloud is far better. I'm really happy now, that I can use Joplin faster and that I can support the team with my money and I would propose to advertise the storing of our data in the EU, too.


I read that post as well, and it's great news. As the hosting company hasn't changed (AWS), I'm not quite sure if the location of the server can protect data on Joplin Cloud from U.S. governmental access under the CLOUD act. Still much better than trusting Evernote's, OneNote's or Google Keep's servers of course...

There's always the possibility of turning on E2EE (one of Joplin's outstanding features), but then server location wouldn't matter anyway.

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I always recommend E2EE, but a location in EU is another step on the path to more privacy. It‘s not perfect, but a plus to grow with.

But sometimes I don’t know if it looks the same way to users from the US.

That's a good idea, thank you, I have now added an entry about this in the Joplin Cloud FAQ (should appear on the next build)

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I actually thought it might even be a valid selling point for the homepage. But it's your baby, and I'm glad if I've been able to provide some meaningful input. :blush:

Things are complicated and controversial if you look at all the legislation and jurisdiction on the issue. That's why encryption is indispensible, and this is one of Joplin's unique selling points. Servers in a country where GDPR is the law can further strengthen this approach of course.

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