Problem switching profiles - app layout forgotten

I posted this about a month in GitHub as it was a repeatable bug but got no answer:

Appreciate anyone's help / ideas to solve / workaround? Too busy to do a lot of troubleshooting. My need is to have an entirely separate profile but I can easily switch databases. My main database / profile needs to sync to JoplinCloud but not the others. Thanks!


Joplin version: 2.8.8 (prod,darwin)
Platform: macOS
OS specifics: 12.5.1

Steps to reproduce

  1. have customized profile layout similar to screenshot 1 (note, I have Favorites v1.3.0 plugin as part of my custom layout)
  2. create a new profile
  3. switch profile to new profile (no need to customize Layout for new profile)
  4. switch profile back to Default profile (original)
  5. custom application Layout for Default has been reset, one has to customize again
  6. each time I switch profiles, custom layout of my primary / Default resets

Describe what you expected to happen

Custom application layouts will be remembered / linked to each profile, so automatically restored upon switching profiles, especially for my primary (Default) profile.

Logfile very long incl hash/crypto info for Joplin cloud maybe - is there a way to export shorter / non-private log if you need?

kindly see screenshots this should make bug / unexpected behavior clear:

1 correct custom layout
2 layout of new profile
3 layout of original profile after switching back - customization lost

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