Preview of markdown within HTML


when I use checklist items in HTML (e.g. div), they are rendered properly in preview (right side), but in the editor they are not.

E.g. it does not work to create a new checklist point by simply typing enter from an existing checklist point.

If I remove the div.-Tags, it works again as expected (the rendered checklist symbol looks also a bit different):

I guess the markdown extension (aka "helper" who pre-renderes some md-commands in the editor) does not recognize markdown within html-tags.

Probably this is not a bug but it is not fully implemented yet.
I prefer the colored view for my daily checklist to sort them, so it would be nice to mix html and markdown and also have it properly recognized, to skip manually typing "- [ ]" and add it automatically when typing Enter.
If you have a tip, how to circumvent it, I would also be happy.

Does it make a difference if you put a new line before </div>? Markdown can be weird when wrapped in HTML.

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