[PR-PRE-APPROVAL] Option to always use basic search


I want to add a option to always use basic search (as if the search was prefixed with /).
How is the general feeling if such a PR would be accepted?


I have a lot of notes with source code, and I also generally like to search for a random substring.
The default search is there not really useful because due to the FTS5 tokenizer I need to search for whole words (or at least prefixes).
Currently I'm always using the basic search, but it gets annoying to have to prefix every search with /


If this option were enabled the search performance would definitely take a hit if someone has many notes.
But only after 1000+ notes (or really long notes), currently I have ~200 notes and the search is still instant.
I would probably hide the option under Advanced and write a scary warning message below it (aka "Basic search will always scan the content of all notes and can result in an extremely slow search in workspaces with many notes"

Pull Requests

I would implement this feature and create a PR, but before I do the work I wanted to determine if such a PR would (probably) be accepted.

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