PR: Add todo_due / note_id to search filter

I would like to try to add todo_due to the search filters like updated and created fields and a note_id filter.
Would such a change be accepted?

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Yes I think so, how would the doc look like for these two filters?

I think I don't understand the question right now ...

The filters should work like the existing date filters:

and for the note_id filter I thought of the following syntax:

and these I would intigrate into the existing queryBuilder.

Ok thanks, that makes sense. I see that we don't use any underscores in the filters, so it should be "tododue" and "noteid" instead but other than that it looks good.

If you could update the doc at the same time that would be great, maybe just mention that the date format is the same as for created/updated filter so that you don't need to duplicate the whole info.