Posts that do not answer the support template will now be deleted and the user will be blocked

Oh dear. Of course you would be frustrated...
Maybe add examples?
Something like

Operating system (e.g. Windows 10, MacOS)

Joplin application version (e.g. 2.13.2)

Yes that should be clearer now:


Form design is difficult!!

It is especially hard for someone intimately familiar with a project / system to view a form "using the eyes" of a person who has little to no experience of it...


Yes I saw that one too. I'll see to improve this as well



For Desktop Application: paste "About Joplin" information below

Non technical users won't know what "dialog" means. And perhaps by putting "About Joplin" in quotations it hints at the fact that this is a specific thing?

It would be great if the form was able to include real links.

You can add a button in Joplin that opens the issue form pre-filled, just like vscode does.

How about an autoresponder that detects if the template is not complete and replies with "Template not completed, your email will be deleted. IF you want support, fill in the template completely".

  1. The text is confusing to me. I’d like to change „your email“ into “your enquiry” in your sentence.

  2. Instead of deletion, would it be an alternative solution to

a) say: “Template not completed, Your support enquiry will therefore most likely not be answered. IF you want support, fill in the template completely" AND

b) label the request as incomplete (so every reader in the forum can read it but directly sees the “incomplete-flag”?

So you can ignore threads arising with an incomplete flag, but if anyone else wants to volunteer, he/she can.