Post to Blog?

I recently started using Joplin, and I’m very impressed with its features, ease of use and user interface. One of the features I would like to see is the ability to use Joplin to post my stuff to my blog. Is this feature currently supported or will it be in the future?

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This kind of integration needs third party script/software. So that won’t be part of Joplin.
But with the API of Joplin we can do this.
What is your blog engine ?

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I have a hosted Wordpress site. I can upload blog posts via email, or using Open Live Writer. I can also post to blog using Microsoft Word. But all of these methods leave a lot to be desired because they involve a lot of formatting, cutting and pasting. It would be really nice to have an integrated platform within Joplin to do this. I’m not a programmer, so I’m not really able to understand Joplin’s API.

I promise nothing but that could be possible with one script to run. It will read joplin through the (joplin) API and push data to the Wordpress blog through the (wordpress) API too.
One thing I can see to organize the publication of your posts, is to set an alarm.
Thus you can create your joplin notes (in a dedicated folder), then set an alarm on that note, from which the script will know when to publish on your blog. While the alarm date and time are not reached, your notes stay as a draft. And once it’s published, if you need modifications, make them on the blog itself and not through the joplin notes. That could be complicate to manage the modification of an existing blog post I think.
What do you think about that ? can’t allow me to try anything.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. Thanks for trying.