Possible to get docker-compose plugin?

I would like to request a plugin for docker-compose / yaml so we can have them stored in joplin and edit them much better.
thanks! Love joplin btw!

Are you asking for syntax highlighting for yaml code blocks?

Yeah I think so…
Im a newbie but Im comparing to things like sublime text. When you open a docker-compose it shows you perfect colors and gives you perfect spacing between everything etc…

At least the view part can be achieved with a markdown code block already:

title: "First Posts"
path: "/2020/Jan/first-post"
tags: ["Meta"]
featuredImage: "../../../assets/images/default.jpg"
date: 2020-01-07

The editing part is probably solvable by opening in an external editor. It might be hard to do actual yaml editing inside of the Joplin editor given it’s a markdown editor, not a yaml editor (or a generic code editor with that auto-detects filetype which is what Sublime Text is doing for you).