Populating userchrome.css with common classes for new installs?

I've been using a completely different app recently that allows users to add custom css in a way not dissimilar to Joplin. But they include empty css classes in the file where users would add their custom css. Are the css classes fixed(i.e. not changing) enough that the blank userchrome file on new installs could include this? For example

/* list text */
.cm-variable-2, .cm-variable-3, .cm-keyword {


/* Strong text (marked with double asterisks) AKA Bold.*/
.cm-strong {

/* Emphasized text (marked with single asterisks) AKA Italic */
.cm-em {


/*  code text */
.cm-comment {

/* Quoted text */
 .cm-quote {

The point would not be to include everything. Just something to get people started. There could also be more instructions at the top on where to get info on CSS and a link to the forum so people could search for specific answers related to Joplin.

I'm thinking that this would be an aid to both experienced css users as well as a bridge for newbies.


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