Plugin: To Google Search

this plugin that selected text to Google search on editmode,please look gif
selected text to Google search-demo

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Great plugin! Converting the hardcoded Google URL into an editable plugin settings field would allow other search engines to be used. That would make this plugin even more useful.

A very helpful suggestion, I will try to develop.

To Google Search changed to-websearchengine ,It can allow other search engine


This plugin is a great idea. Don't know how I missed it. It's really worthy of putting into core.


this is a very good idea. Will it be possible for us to designate the website and position for searching?
e.g., highlighting the keywords and then search it as in the title position in google scholar or other libraries?

Designate search engines with the To Web Search Engine plugin (also linked above).

To designate advanced settings, start by submitting a search with your desired search engine and settings. Copy and paste that search URL into the appropriate URL field in plugin settings. Then, replace the query with {searchword}.

For example, take this Google Scholar URL:{searchword}&as_occt=title.

{searchword} gets replaced by highlighted Joplin keywords when searching with this plugin.

&as_occt=title is a parameter that sets the Google Scholar where my words occur advanced setting to in the title of the article.