Plugin: 🎊 ReMoods Theme [NO LONGER MAINTAINED]

Hi @joplin_user, I'm sorry to leave and thank you for all the time of your support. I'm leaving because I'm looking for an app that can provide better cross platform experience, and my pick is a web3-based Notion-like app - Anytype. It does not have as many features as Joplin, nor is it as easy to use as Notion, but it has reliable privacy & security and better cross-platform experience. So, I chose it doesn't mean it was particularly good, it was just based on a comprehensive balance of personal needs.

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Sad news, @Sinacs :sleepy:
Many thanks for the great job you have done, first with Ohmine Dark Theme, then with Remoods. I used them from the very beginning. I hope someone will follow up.
Good luck with your next projects :slightly_smiling_face: