Plugin options API

I have some questions regarding the plugin options api.

Question 1

I would like to include a textarea in the plugin options in order to allow the users to add multi line strings.
From what I see in the SettingItemType | Joplin Plugin API Documentation this option is not feasible.
Could you add this functionality?

Question 2

Another limitation that would be amazing to improve is the description field of the SettingItem (SettingItem | Joplin Plugin API Documentation).
Currently is a simple string. Can you allow me to put in this string some HTML or Markdown to improve the description of the field? Same thing with the section description

Question 3

How can I use the SettingsItemType Object and Array? SettingItemType | Joplin Plugin API Documentation

It looks like they are not working.

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Question 3

By looking at the source code of Jopling, it looks like SettingsItemType.Object and SettingsItemType.Array are only used as "private settings" to store some data and they are not rendered in the options page.