Plugin: Many enhancement for my daily usage [v1.2.0][2023-03-30]

Update: v0.7.0
Nothing new. Only make ReadCube Papers as a standalone plugin.

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Thanks for the work, a very useful plugin

Update to v0.8.0


Great Plugin and great job! I especialy love the blockquote info that I could add since I use Joplin to store quotations sometime and adding more info in a more structured way is useful. Thanks.

Hi @SeptemberHX

I'm using the Admonitions plugin to render admonitions.

The syntax in use is:

!!! info My Admonition Title
So there is a space between the opening !!! and the admonition type.

With the space, the admonition does not show in the markdown editor.

When I delete the space, the admonition shows ideally in the markdown editor using your plugin. However, the rendered version then cuts off the first letter of the title.

Instead of "My Admonition Title" in the example, it renders as "y Admonition Title"

Is it possible to have your enhancement recognize the syntax !!! info as well as !!!info ?

Thanks for a very worthwhile plugin :+1:

I will enhance it to recognize the whitespace in next release.

For now, you can just add one more whitespace between !!!note and Admonition Title to avoid the missing character

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Thank you.

I noticed here that the quote type admonition does not pick up styling in the markdown editor.

Your formatting makes the markdown notes so much more readable, and pleasant, for anyone who uses admonitions liberally. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. The bugs should be fixed in v0.8.1


@SeptemberHX, All good here with v0.8.1.

Issues: of not showing with syntax where space follows !!!, and missing quote admonition now both solved.

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Hi, thanks for a feature packed plugin. I seem to have issues with admonition displaying in markdown but not displaying in the rendered view using Windows Portable v2.8.8.

I use 2 other plugins (not Rich Markdown) which I temporarily disabled but the issue persists.

I do use custom CSS to display the sliding [toc] on the right hand edge (ie not a plugin). I opened a new instance of Joplin Portable which generated a fresh profile with no custom CSS & no other plugins but the issue persists.

Thanks for your help

Hi Zimmer, to see admonitions in the rendered view, install the

Admonition markdown extension.

With the Enhancement plugin and the Admonition extension plugins both installed, you'll have both the markdown editor and the rendered view covered.

Notes on Admonition markdown extension here

Thank you, I read through the documentation but didn't realize an additional plugin was needed. All good now, thanks for the info.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will update the document about the Admonition markdown extension.

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V0.9.0 is released.



All four enhancements are appreciated, particularly the Search and Replace; very well implemented!

Your per note Search and Replace along with, joplin-batch-web from @rxliuli for Global Search and Replace, improve Joplin a great deal.

Thank you :slight_smile:


V1.0.0 is released.


Hi @SeptemberHX

Thank you for all these tools that greatly improve the use of the markdown editor.
Just out of curiosity, what theme are you using all this with?

All the themes come from the macOS-theme plugin. You can change it from settings -> macOS theme -> markdown editor light/dark.

The theme with blue font color is base16-light. I cannot remember the name of theme with red font color, but you can try every theme to find your favorite :slight_smile:

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V1.1.1 is published

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