Plugin: 🎨 macOS theme for Joplin

This should be fixed in the latest version (v.1.3.14). Enjoy!

Looks good, thanks!


I love your macOS theme for Joplin, it looks awesome!

The only thing I just noticed:
When I enable the new note list preview plugin, the layout and typography of the note list plugin look very inconsistent with the MacOS theme.

Would it be possible to adjust the MacOS theme plugin so it supports the new note list preview layout and everything looks consistent?

I don't plan on adding support for the plugin mentioned, but am open to PR's!

Thanks so much for the theme! It looks gorgeous. :slight_smile:
My only gripe is that in the markdown rendering on light mode, lists are somewhat hard to read. I'm usually not super big on over the top contrasts, but the default is just not working for me. I solved it with this CSS code in my user styles (if anybody else is running into the same issue):

body .CodeMirror.CodeMirror.CodeMirror { color: #32373F !important; }

If anybody is interested in my other custom styles (just minor tweaks, nothing specific for this cool theme), here they are:

h1 { margin-top: 45px !important; }
ul + *, * + table { margin-top: 30px !important; }
hr { margin: 30px 0 !important; }
ul label.checkbox-label-checked { text-decoration: line-through !important; }

Thanks again and keep up the good work. :pray:

Hi there!
I have the same issue that redsteadz and benmordecai had - I don't see any icons. And when I try adding new ones, the app crashes :((

I use Linux (Ubuntu 22.04), the newest possible Joplin version 3.0.6 and your plugin version is 1.3.18

I loooove this plugin, but it hurts my eyes, when there are this strange, crossed out squares instead of cool icons! Could you please help me? Thanks

Okay, so it looks like the problem was in Joplin's version. On 2.14.20 folder's icons works just fine. I can't still change them though. The app always crashes. Probably because this version is too old? Ehh... I can live with that :') Thanks for your amazing job!

@saurinko Does the crashing still ocur for you on Joplin 3.0.6 with the latest version of the plugin (v.1.5.2)?

Hi! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. I've just checked it. So, yeah it still doesn't work on Joplin v.3.0.6 with the plugin version 1.5.7 - that's currently the lastest. I still can't change the icons, otherwise the app will crash.

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Hi there! Theme looks awesome! Just one question though - is it possible to have grey strikethrough text on a checklist item when it's checked?

I have added your issue to the Github issue list here. :slight_smile: