Plugin: 🎨 macOS theme for Joplin

@andrejilderda The goal was to have only one option to enable or disable in settings. But this is a solution I will try. Thanks!

It seems to be the Theme CodeMirror One Dark. Can you add that?

My custom css is almost invalid, how to solve it.

This is not code I edited myself, I paid a programmer to write it as I asked.
If I share the css, maybe you can make a perfect css for the mac os plugin for everyone.
What do you think, at the moment I only have two options, give up this plugin or give up my css. :wink:

Is this plug-in still actively developed/supported?

Yes, reported issues are still looked into, but I don’t plan on adding any new features. It still should work perfectly though.

Glad to hear it! This is my go-to theme.

I know there are a few bugs open already, but this morning I logged Expand Notebook Arrow Icon is not Centered Β· Issue #82 Β· andrejilderda/joplin-macos-native-theme Β· GitHub. It's a minor displacement of the notebook expand arrow but it's something you see often while interacting with the app.