PDF size increases after export

When i copy paste a PDF File in to a note and export it back to a PDF the size increases why is that so and can I save it back to the same size?

I cannot duplicate this. Can you please explain exactly what you are doing?

When you attach a file to a note Joplin copies the file into the resources folder, gives it a unique name, and links that unique name to the note.

I just created a PDF and took a SHA1 hash of it. I then attached it to a note. I then did a right-click and "Save as" of the attached PDF to a new location.

The exported file reported the same byte size and the SHA1 hash matched the file I had attached. It was an exact copy of the file.

Also, Joplin version and OS may be handy to know.

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I using joplin-desktop 2.12.15-1 version on Linux encrypted.

for example I take a 3 MB PDF and drop it in a new Untitled note,
then I right click it to get back a PDF file "Export / PDF - PDF File" and this give me a 4 MB PDF file.

If you attach a PDF to a note and then export that whole note as a PDF you are exporting the note and the PDF. When I try that and then open the exported PDF I cannot even access the embedded PDF attachment.

If you want to get your PDF back, intact, from within a note, right-click the link and select "Save as..."



Thank you very much, that's works fine

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