PDF preview after Notes Import from Evernote (Edited)

Hello All
Quite new here as Evernote kill my support with their last price increase ...

I fight a little bit to find my way in Joplin but seems promising
I am stuck for now on how to activate the preview of the pdf embedded in a note
I just have a clickabe link, which open the pdf, but no previewing in the left panel
Do I Miss something ? for sure !
Thanks for your help
Fred, Paris, FRANCE

Hello and thanks for your answer
Everything is well configured and in fact it works but only when I create a new note and add a pdf, preview is well shown
As I said, I migrate from Evernote and IMPORT my notes
And in this case, the pdf are just stated as a link, no preview

Is there a way to force a ful refresh or something like that ?

In the Editor, the coding is different between the two notes

I answer to my self
I, unfortunately, import my Evernote data as html without knowing why exactly and in this case the PDF are not previewed

If I import as Markdown, it's ok

I think I will have to re import everything once again, which is a pain as yo need to handle each Notebooks one by one

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It definitely is a pain. I know because I left Evernote some years ago and had to import several times to get it all working as I wanted.

But… I only had to do it once, and once I was certain I was free from Evernote, I could stop worrying. And I have never regretted doing it.


This sounds like a bug so feel free to create an issue on GitHub so that we can track it

Laurent Not sure on how to do that ...
MisterKelly Yes, things are up now quite quickly I must admit, still lot of features to explore but Evernote kill me with their 60€ only to have it on more than 2 devices as I dont use super evolved feature

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