Paste Special Project

I may have missed part of the discussion but I'm wondering why we are taking about importing data? For importing, we already have File > Import, which can be customised with the Interop API, or are you talking about something else?

Sure tessus. I was not saying this project is not about pasting. But now i get, it's scope is set just till pasting by all mentors.

Sid thought about popping up a dialog to ask if one wanted to paste or import, because the CSV could also be in a file. But I mentioned that I certainly do not want a dialog on a paste operation. Importing a CSV as table makes perfect sense though. If the code is modular, it's very easy to do, so I am ok with doing this as well, but not ok with a popup.


Sure, even for me the dialog box isn't a great UX. I can thinking of creating another submenu inside CSV as Table as Paste from clipboard and Import from computer. But would that be a better UX?

No, import has nothing to do with paste.

Paste special   >
                   CSV as table

and then you can create

  • another menu item (Import special) with sub entries
  • add it to the context menu, when right-clicking on a notebook or note

So, Import Special should be present at both context menu of a notebook and Menu Bar > Edit.
I like that idea too. Makes sense. Thanks Helmut.

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I personally prefer this approach, less is more!

Having said that, there are indeed some problems, mainly cross-platform processing of the cut version, especially the cut version detection format of rich text is very tricky

Absolutely. I agree. We can start with making stable small feature and can run up to bigger ones

I didn't try to paste Excel/CSV as markdown table in Joplin. But copy from Calc (LibreOffice) it works in WYSIWYG editor. Finally that mean is imported as markdown table :

If I do Ctrl+V in Joplin It adds table like a picture.

If I do right click and then paste, I get a table in Joplin.

And in the other way I can paste the table in Calc.

I was dismayed to find that Joplin would not copy and paste reliably to any other program. I'd like to see that fixed/changed/improved. Where do I pay? :smiley:

What specifically could not be copied and pasted?

A page of text with screenshots. Even when I exported to PDF it omitted the images.

I have been using this note taking for a month. I love everything about it except for the fact that I can't paste the output of Cisco's routers/switches and keep them the same look. Typically I would be able to keep the source format when copy text from the devices into one note. But with Joplin, I don't know if it's possible. The text looks unorganized when I paste it into Joplin. I hope to see if someone have run into this same problem as I am and connect with them to discuss more.

may you want to start a new topic about this. I only saw it by coincidence (but I don't have to deal with such output).