Pandoc markdown with preview and export

I found ghostwriter, which uses pandoc’s markdown, if you want. So you can see all it’s features in the preview and export the file to epub3, epub2, pdf, tex, docx, odt, pptx, html …

The problem is, that you cannot configure the export (chapter-numbering, individual footnotes, table of contents, table of figures, table of tables, pagenumbering, styles, colors … ) so I made a python-script to do so. My notes are made with pandoc markdown and are half-automated converted to these formats.

For an usual user, it is too complicated to make an own css, yaml, template from scratch but you could provide default configure-files which (easier) could be adjusted.

What do you think of this suggestion?


I don’t completely understand the question. You’d need Pandoc support in Joplin?


Yes, this would be great.

To see in the right pane every feature pandoc markdown provides would be very useful, so I don’t had to use an external editor (ghostscript) for editing, which is also interesting for the mobile app of joplin.

And to convert the written markdown into the available formats, with layouts styled by the user, by clicking a few buttons would be a step (pdf, docx, html, epub3, tex etc. with table of contents, footnotes) in the right direction. (Perhaps this can be done by calling a script after saving a .md-file?)


+1 for pandoc which I use with Jong - JOplin Note Generator / Django w/ VueJS

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Pandoc AFAIK is THE leanding FOSS converter and support almost any imaginable format in an easy to use way.
Its like the FFMPEG for documents.
Plus it is in active development, and has been for ages, and likely will be for many many years to come.
It is a one stop solution; once implemented, you can support any format pandoc supports without extra effort on Joplin side AFAIK.
So it is the most feature wise, and also easiest approach to support document conversion/export for documents.


+1 for pandoc integration. I’ve recently started using markdown and notes / to do apps and I found Joplin very nice (congrats!). This has become my main note taking software however I must still rely on other tools to complement it. I would love to be able to do everything with Joplin alone. Currently missing features that prevent me from doing this at the moment are:

  • Sorting/searching by due dates, etc. but it seems this is coming soon (hopefully in desktop version as well, which is my platform of choice) : 2867 for managing to do lists (like Workflowy or Dynalist)
  • Side pane displaying document structure for easy navigation within a note (like in Word, Typora, etc.)
  • Wysiwyg editing: depending on context, it is sometimes nice to edit notes in wysiwyg, but this is underway (experimental editor just released)
  • More output formats (docx, odt) and improved pdf export (especially: document structure export to pdf for easy navigation in acrobat reader) => easiest way seem pandoc integration, like Zettlr and Typora do

For the last two items I currently use the “open in external editor” feature and use Typora but it would be great not to have to.


With a slight but important difference: ffmpeg is a single, self containted program while pandoc relies on a whole bunch of 3rd party products for (printable) output.

True. But might it be worthwhile to provide users an option to choose the rendering backend (maybe for people who already have pandoc set up the way they like)?

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How to integrate Joplin with PanDoc? What are your advise / experience?
Using separate notebooks, export them to markdown and then use pandoc?

I just started to evaluate Joplin as a notes taking system:

  • Searching is fine
  • tagging is not so fine because I can’t use #abc to create a tag “abc”
  • Outline View is missing
  • external editor on Android is missing
  • I have to investigate how to use versions:
    I understand an old version will be restored in parallel to an existing version. But what about links from other notes to this document? They can’t be at the same time to the old and to the new version. How this will work when exporting linked documents to PanDoc in combination with versioning?

these are a lot of questions, which I believe deserve a forum post for their own

Big up for Pandoc integration! It would be so useful and nice!

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I also upvote the idea of Pandoc integration. This would expand the possibilities of Joplin in enormous ways. However, I’d do this via extensions only because this is a quite specialized tool that will be needed by only those people who know what this is.


I’m not so sure… Zettlr uses Pandoc by default, for any conversion… it’s implemented automatically

To be honest, I think this is the same as generating static blogs based on joplin. It belongs to functions that should be implemented through plugins or web apis. It is a more professional/complex function. If it has not undergone long-term evolution and is directly integrated, it may become very few professional users.
The function that can be used (to tell the truth that non-professionals learn to use hexo/pandoc or other similar tools also cost)

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I don’t think so. It can be waaaay simpler by just integrating Joplin with Pandoc