Options > General: Set Date / Time / Page size to default based on language selection

It would help with the initial set up of the program after the first install if there was a way to set the date, time, and paper size to a default based on the language selected. What I mean is, if I select English (US) the info should be:

Date: mm/dd/yyy
Time: hh:mm am/pm
Paper Size: Letter

If I select English (UK) then the defaults should be based on the metric system, etc.

A good way to do this would be with a checkbox with the label, “Use Language Defaults”, or something similar which would switch this feature on and off enabling customization.

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While I think this is an interesting feature request from a smart defaults perspective. I don’t think it makes much sense from an effort/reward tradeoff.

I could be biased though because standards for date/time paper size are country based and I’m Canadian so this suggestion wouldn’t benefit me.

Also a Canadian here, although I use Letter, ISO date and ISO time.

Some parts of Canada use the 24 hour clock, other parts don’t. E.g. in Onatrio we use both. As for dates, they are always screwed up in North America and very inconsistent. When I see a date, I never know what it actually is.
Even on government forms dates are: DD/MM/YY, MM/DD/YY, DD/MMM/YYYY and I have seen a few others.

The thing is, you set it once and that’s it.

It’s just a “it would be nice if …” idea. I like software that has simple and nice features like this idea. Also, fun features like some of the FOSS Linux programs have. Anyway … my two cents are spent for today. Thanks for considering my idea.

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