Printing page size

For us that use Letter (8.5 x 11 inch) size paper it would be of help we could change the default size when exporting to PDF.

I believe current size is set to A4.
It would also be of help to set the default font size and margins.

Half letter (5.5 x 8.5 ) would be of help also.

I guess you could print the note instead, then export to PDF from the print dialog with your required settings?

Thank you for quick response.
That will work for most of my printing. Leaves a minor problem with margins as I some times need to hole punch for ring binding.

For those, I can continue to convert to Latex using pandoc.

I guess we ( I ) need to be aware of feature creep.

Again, thank you for this great program.

Maybe a config setting could be added. Would you accept a PR for this? If yes, I will look into it, when I am back.

Maybe, but replicating print settings would be quite a complicated GUI wouldn’t it? Or is there some package we can use for it?

Hmm, I assumed that you specified the export size format for the pdf export in the code somehow. Or maybe A4 is the default. In any case, I’m sure there should be an option to set a different page size. I can’t believe that A4 is the only size to export a PDF to.

I guess I will have to check the code… I’ll do that as soon as I’m back.

I think it’s just using the default options provided by Electron at the moment.

Also what I meant is that if we do this, we need to display the GUI before exporting the file to set the options, like Typora for example, and I think that’s the trickier part, at least in terms of work involved.

No, I don’t think this is necessary. This is available for printing anyway. I’m talking about the export to PDF. There’s no need to show such a dialog every time an export is done.
e.g. users in North America would set the export page size to letter in settings and people in Europe and/or the rest of the world would set it to A4, and this ettings would be used for the export. That’s it.

I’d like to pick up this conversation.

It looks like the Export to PDF has the page size A4 hardcoded somewhere. I merely suggest to add an option in the config screen to set the export page size. This is not usually something that has to be changed on a case by case basis, so having an option in settings is perfectly fine.

P.S.: This has nothing to do with printing or the print dialog. (the topic name is somewhat misleading)