Option to select installation path in joplin installer

Currently, The Joplin installer asks if the user wants to install it for all users or just the current user. When the user clicks the next button it starts the installation process without providing an option to select the installation path.

I wanted to install it in another drive, as my C:// drive is almost filled. But could not find a way.

What does the forum think about this? Should it be added?

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Yes, I also hope to install it in another drive.

I think the best way could be using the portable version, as it

allows installing the software on a portable device such as a USB key

See Installation | Joplin

That can be a way to do it.
But as Joplin is a more consumer-facing application, Consumers won't understand this way of doing it, they will assume it can't be done.

The main reason why this option should be available is that if the user does not have enough space in C: drive, (I am assuming) they cannot install Joplin at all. Joplin is losing a potential user.

Honestly, if the C: drive space is so low, the user will likely have more serious problems than just being unable to install an application, e.g. the OS itself may just start throwing errors or even crash completely…