OneDrive not suitable for Joplin

Joplin supports OneDrive but that does not mean it is particularly suitable for synchronising your posts between devices with Joplin. There must be a better way. Is there a better way?
OneDrive has a 4MB attachment limit which is archaic and a 150,000 “child items” limit. That sounds a big number, but due to how Joplin saves tags it is not really big. If the age of computing has proven anything, any form of limit is sure to be a problem eventually (Moores Law).
Joplin has only primitive “support” of tags currently. If tags were that important you would still be on one of many other platforms that do it much better. But taggers beware!
I considered providing links to many occurrences of these two reoccurring and ongoing themes in Joplin’s support and have done this in the past. However, nobody is interested in past posts. The “machine” likes new posts. They are the ones that people read and comment on. Another oddity.

Nobody said you have to use OneDrive. I don’t.

The handling of tags is known and there are issues open to improve tags. If you had searched for them, you’d have found them. The reason why people don’t reply is because they are tired to answer the same thing over and over again.

I seems you missed the point of the question. But rest assured if dont know that is ok. You dont have to answer.

Yes. Nextcloud. Or any webdav server which does not impose any limits.

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If anything the 150,000 limit is a good reminder that Joplin can potentially create thousands if not millions of files on the same dir in the sync target, which is likely to cause issues over the long term. I’m looking at implementing a solution to this.

The 4MB limit is just weird, as many phones take photos bigger than that. It’s like in 2019 they only let you transfer up to 2.8 floppy drives to their service.

tessus and laurent - thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I’m amazed at how well Dropbox works.

Thanks Steve. I am very happy with this forum and laurent and tessus are doing a great job. Joplin does well what it does well. I hope the developer(s) continues to find time to add useful features.

I have decided I need to move away from OneDrive. I guess the only reason I am using it as it is my legacy cloud service. Time for a change. I am pleased DropBox works. It sounds as though it is worth sticking with it.

I have to agree with @Voyflen that OneDrive is not suitable for Joplin and this isn’t clear.
I started using Joplin with OneDrive because, I thought I could use some of this 1TB space.

Exported some notes from Evernote and imported them in Joplin on one desktop, everything looked fine.
Some of these notes actually contained (big) PDF files.

When I tried to open these PDF from other Joplin installation, I couldn’t. Only then did I look further and found out about the 4MB file upload limit that was breaking these PDFs.

I think OneDrive limitations (file size upldoad limit, limited number of items…) should be made more visible to make an informed decision.

Since then I migrated my notes to a WebDav client and I can now use these big PDF files again.

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Where are you seeing this limit? 80% of my notes content is screenshots and file attachments. I synchronize to OneDrive in both Joplin encrypted format and my own at rest encryption tools (Boxcryptor) before syncing to one drive.

Never had an issue. I have Joplin open almost my entire work day.

The file size limit is shown there:
Regarding the number of file, I found about it in the forum.

I should have added that the files are not truncated on the original device used to upload them. They are truncated on the other devices that sync to the same target.