OCR region persistence and Highlighting matched regions of OCR text like Evernote

First, I want to thank you for all the developers of this great product. :smiley:

I've just moved to Joplin from Evernote.
I looked at sources of the current dev branch, to find there is any possibility of importing OCR recognition results from Evernote.

Is there any plan to implement search OCR text with image highlighting?

Many Evernote users think it's a killer feature.
(I've purchased Evernote's subscription mainly because of the OCR text searching of the document from the picture.)

The current OCR driver doesn't seem to persist the bounding box of the OCR text.

If OCR region persistence and highlighting matched regions of OCR text will be implemented (Of course, I think it's hard to implement...), importing OCR data from Evernote's section would be easy.

Evernote's recognition results have many "not confident" results.
But I think it's mandatory for "non OCR friendly language" users like Japanese.
Because it's hard for the OCR engines to determine which 漢字(Kanji) is the correct one. (I want to customize minConfidence value, perhaps.)

I don't know how to query these low S/N and separated (to the words) data with the database efficiently, but I hope Joplin will have this feature.