Notebook ID of conflict and trash folder

I would like to exclude conflict and trash folder by default in a plugin. Should I just take the notebook ID from here respectively here and hardcode them? Or is there a way to get them programmatically?

I think the expected behaviour when calling /folders is to not return the conflict and trash folders. Is that the call you're using? In which case I'm going to change it to skip these two folders

I'm using the /notes endpoint (joplin-random-note-reloaded/src/index.ts at master · marph91/joplin-random-note-reloaded · GitHub). Notes in the trash are returned for sure.

But I see, notes have the is_conflict and deleted_time properties. I could check them instead of relying on the notebook ID.

Indeed you can check these properties for now. But I'm going to exclude deleted and conflicted notes by default

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