Note attachments panel - sort by date?

I know the orphaned resources issue is one folks are aware of and the "Note attachments..." panel is a great help for pruning the more egregious offenders in terms of size (the "why did that article include a ~4000x6000 pixel image?" or "how the heck is an image that small 3MB?" files) or clutter (user icons from clipped social media threads, mostly), but even a clipped webpage that commits neither of those 'sins' can still generate a surprising amount of clutter in terms of irrelevant and/or duplicated image files. Right now there doesn't seem to be an easy/straightforward way to prune a recently added file - you can sort by file name in the attachments panel, but while Joplin remembers the original file name I don't see any way to go from attachment ID to file name other than the attachments panel, which leaves sorting by size which is tedious but effective.

So my question is thus: would it be possible to add in a sortable date column (date added to Joplin or even just exposing the date modified value from the system, either would work well enough)? Storage space isn't really a concern outside of stuff like the free Dropbox plan but it annoys me just on the principle of things. :stuck_out_tongue:

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